I have TONS of news since the last time I wrote. Firstly, the interview was the scariest and most unsure thing I have ever done or experienced. I made myself physically ill for DAYS and convinced myself I actually had the flu.. THAT’S how sick I was. Once in the interview, I had 3 minutes to read the ‘station’ and prepare my answer, and then once the bell sounded you entered each room and presented your stance for 5 minutes. You repeated this 8 times. One of my fears, probably the biggest one, was that I would be finished my answer within the first.. 30 seconds, and sit there for the remainder of the time staring at the floor. Surprisingly this was not the case, I believe the longest I had to wait for the bell to sound was roughly 1 minute.. which is not to bad! The moment I walked out of the interview I felt 100% healthy again, and was finally able to eat a full meal after 48 hours of not being able to stomach anything.

Fast forward, I went to the Dominican Republic for 10 days with my boyfriend and a few friends, had an absolutely amazing time. Although the interview and the “future” was consistently in the back of my mind, I successfully (somewhat) packed that away and did not think too much about it until we landed in Toronto on our way back home! That’s when I got the email….

Saying “CONGRATULATIONS!” So there you have it, clearly I wasn’t too much of a blabbering mess because I got in! Not waitlisted, just fully accepted.

But that means I’m moving to Edmonton. Which is.. terrifying to say the least. I’ve never lived away from  home, and I’ve never lived away from my boyfriend. And Edmonton is a fucking shit hole.. like seriously.. sorry if any of you are from there… but their pot holes are honestly as deep as I am tall.. and their apartment buildings.. don’t even get me started. I was ready to cry and cancel my acceptance to the program after the 3rd building we looked a (a supposedly ‘nice’ one) had crooked floors and stained walls. It was a nightmare.

But anyway that’s my life in a nutshell right now. I start my program in August so I have a very short 2 month summer to cram everything into.. and spend with my boyfriend before we start long distance. Which is tough because he works 40 hours a week, and he coaches 2 baseball teams which take up all of his free time. So of the 2 months I have left, he is only in town for about 3 remaining weekends which is just.. great.

But I can’t complain, I just have to keep remembering that this is my dream. THIS is what I have been working towards for my entire life ultimately. And I have to remember to be proud of myself..