I’ve been so crazy busy I haven’t even thought about being able to blog haha. I’ve been good though! Working on myself and my anxiety, everything was going really really well for a few weeks there! The only hiccup in the road was finding out that I got an interview for Physical Therapy, which is a masters program.

I know what you’re thinking… why is that a hiccup.. and it shouldn’t be, I know that. But the idea of the interview scares me so much that it is debilitating. When I think about it, or people bring it up to congratulate me, I freeze. Because you see it’s a MMI, a multiple mini interview, which basically means its an hour-2 hour long interview process, where you room from room to room, interviewer to interviewer. You have 2 minutes to read the question posted outside the room and formulate your answer, and you have 8 minutes to recite your answer/discussion with the interviewer. Sound easy? It’s not. Think about how long 8 minutes truly is, especially since you only have 2 darn minutes to think about what to say.

The fact that I made it to the interview means i’m within the top 30% of applicants. And only about 200 candidates get interviews from about a thousand. So I AM incredibly proud of myself, but I am so terrified for April 29th that my anxiety has been making me feel physically ill if I think about it.

So i’ve been trying to tell myself every day that even if it goes horrible, even if I can only talk about the question given for 2 minutes, that I will survive, and it will be one day, one hour, one blip in my life that won’t matter in 5 years. I just need to learn to let go.

So basically I have little under a month to find my confidence… wish me luck.