So we weren’t able to go on our amazing romantic getaway to the west coast of BC. And I was hoping to make this week at home still special, but somehow I knew that it wouldn’t be a very big success. I feel like a controlling possessive girlfriend writing this post because i’m about to bitch about how we went from a week of uninterrupted “we” time turned into a 50:50 split between friends and family.. mostly on his part (I have no life lol..)

I know I can’t be upset about that because we ARE in town and there WILL be friends and family that want to see the both of us, but it is just so unbelievably disappointing when I felt like our relationship needed this week, and then to feel slightly on the back burner now that we are in town.

Himself and his family are extremely religious, one of the many things I love about him, and I do consider myself a Christian, although my parents decided to give up Christianity a long time ago. Anyway his parents are quite controlling, and for the best possible reason, but it gets to be so suffocating, they don’t seem to realize we are 21 years old, and need to make our own path in this world, with guidance yes, from both them and the Lord, but nevertheless WE need to decide on our own path. And now that we are in town they are pushing us to go stay up with my boyfriends bother and his wife rather than take an overnight trip to Canmore or Banff just to get away.

We will see what happens, I just need a night where we can be romantic together since we haven’t had that in so long.