My sister just got a call that her boyfriend is getting deployed in may for 6 months. He is in an Airborne division. He was also planning on proposing to my sister in June. I know she has to get used to it, as this is the life she is signing up for, but she is absolutely heartbroken and shocked and scared right now.. Hearing that news for the first time.. I can’t even imagine.

He is such an amazing guy and I just PRAY that he remains safe during his tour.. With her in Alberta and him in Tennessee it’s going to be extremely hard for them to see each other over the next 3 months before he leaves. Plus he has to cram all of his training for the mission.. (do you call it a mission?)

I wouldn’t be able to be an army wife and I have such respect for all the family and loved ones who have to go through this. I am worried for him and i’m just the future sister in law.

He is doing an amazing thing and he is finally able to act on what he is so passionate about, so for that I am extremely happy for him. He’s waited a long time to be apart of the U.S army, I just wish that there was some way for it to be easier on the people left behind, for my sister’s sake.