My boyfriend and I have been planning a trip for this reading week since around October. On Vancouver Island in the new house my parents just bought. I had the entire week planned out and was excited to rekindle things with him and reconnect since we have been a little off pace the past few months.

We couldn’t make it because of the roads. I have been crying all day. I can’t explain why I am this upset but I am absolutely heart broken. I feel like the week we had to spend with each other and re connect and bring some fucking romance back into our relationship is over now, especially since now he’s making all these plans with his friends since we are in town for the week. So the full week we would have had to selfishly spend together has now been reduced to maybe 2.

My eyes are red and swollen and all I want to do is fall asleep. This may be such an irrational thing to be this upset about but that’s how things work. You can’t always make sense of what hits you hard.